Buyers return to Toronto’s housing market

Toronto could soon turn into a buyer’s market, according to a new report by RBC. "Don’t be surprised if the Toronto-area market moves into a buyer’s market territory in the coming months.

Toronto Housing Market Forecast/Predictions 2019 to 2020. The latest July resale housing stats show home sales in the GTA housing market are on the rise. Teranet also reports that prices are nearing recovery from the 2017 downturn, although some TREB districts haven’t thrived as seen below.

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The Greater Toronto Area housing market has shifted into buyer’s market territory for the first time in eight years, and frustrated shoppers such as Mr. Williamson are now beginning to return from the sidelines, lured by an average 20-per-cent price drop from April’s market peak.

Picky buyers, nervous sellers. After a red-hot spring, Greater Toronto’s housing market has hit the brakes – hard. Star reporter Tony Wong takes a look from both sides.

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July’s housing market report paints a rosier picture of home prices for sellers. Home Prices rose while supply is heading downward. That could predict higher home prices. Builders sentiment is improving which could add new home supply for 2020. See the stats, charts and expert opinions about the US housing market.

The latest numbers from the toronto real estate board reveal a total of 7,492 homes sold in October. An increase of 6 per cent, while prices rose 3.5 per cent, to an average of $807,340. The MLS Home Price Index, which measures the overall value of homes sold, also rose 2.6 per cent, mainly fueled by activity in the condo sector.

Toronto: Home sales and prices rise in Toronto region for second straight month as buyers return to the market. Elsewhere: PEI makes bold step to turn renters into buyers, vacancy is America’s other housing crisis and the end of the global housing boom.

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The Toronto market has fared a little better, but Mr. hogue points out that potential buyers in both Toronto and Vancouver have been reined in by higher interest rates and the mortgage stress test.

"It looks like the market is starting to return to typical levels after a particularly difficult year," Wilkes says in a statement. The sales tally includes all new homes, including condos, at various stages of development, from pre-construction to completion.