Time to close home loans for millennials varied widely

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The time it took for Millennial homebuyers in the US to close loans sped up in February to its fastest pace in nearly a year. Ultimately, this could be a good indicator that more Millennials are entering into the market as first-time buyers, according to a new report released earlier this week by the mortgage processing tech company ellie mae.

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The Brookings Institution reports that by 2020 one in three adult Americans will be Millennials. If early patterns of financial-services consumption are the beginning of a larger and lasting trend, then policymakers, regulators and providers of financial services may need to reconsider what constitutes “mainstream” and “alternative”.

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Ellie Mae also found that during the month, the average days to close a loan for millennials varied widely by state. New York posted average days to close of 60 days, while Florida recorded a 45.

A growing family rounds out the bottom of the list of reasons millennials might consider buying their first home. This may not reflect was the trends in previous generations, but it makes sense once you factor in the large number of millennials who are prioritizing their career ambitions or travel goals ahead of starting a family.